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Pure fitness/nutrition news is getting harder to find or to properly parse. Google is actively censoring natural health, but here at Strong Health we'll do the heavy lifting for you and give you information you may have trouble getting elsewhere.

Hi, my name is Jorg Mardian and I am a Personal Trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist in business for the last 20 years. I have previously owned a successful training studio and as a freelance journalist, I regularly contribute writing to newspapers, magazines or blogs.

My mission is to inform as many as possible about the truth of fitness and nutrition subjects, without having to scour the net for bad advice. Here you will find the absolute best information on fitness and how to move the body in the optimal and safest way, as well as holistic nutrition that leads to maximum levels of energy throughout the day and better physical and emotional health.

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  • “Jorg is great at thoroughly explaining the in’s and out’s of fitness and nutrition. After following his advice, I have lost 90 pounds and am now at a healthy bodyweight for the first time in many years.” - Dede Emery

  • “Jorg’s enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle is so infectious. He made me want to do far more to achieve my goals in getting healthy.” - Jerralyn D Alfonso

  • “Thanks to Jorg’s insightful approach to training, in conjunction with the 

    recommended nutritional changes, my son has lost 45 pounds.” - David J Lee

  • “Just wanted to let you know how fortunate we are to know someone with
    your experience and exercise. I have worked out in Vancouver, BC with some
    of the best trainers there are over the last 25 years, and you either
    match or exceed them. There is a very good reason I consult you so often — you know your stuff and get results.” - Sandy Carlyle, Vancouver, BC

  • “My interactions with Jorg have been quite an experience. The workouts he gives are no picnic, let me tell you. But as everyone told me, he works within your limitations, which shows how important an intelligently designed exercise program through a fitness professional is. I finally lost weight and got healthy, when I thought it was no longer possible!!” - Bill Freding

  • “Jorg is a dedicated and highly creative person. He uses his vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition to motivate, inspire and draw out the very best in those looking to improve their body and life I highly recommend his services.” - Mary Deak

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Why I moved to Substack

Censorship has increased across all areas of the internet, including most popular blogging platforms, where there is always a concern of being de-platformed if something is perceived as not being politically correct. Here on Substack, I post timely articles without conflicts of interest and share deep truths about fitness and nutrition.

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