How To Perform The Landmine Squat-Press

If you’re looking for a novel all-body exercise with a host of benefits to add to your workout routine, try the landmine squat-press. It can be as demanding as the front squat, without the level of practice in terms of perfecting technique. It also doesn’t rely on the levels of injury-free agility which other variations such as the back squat or goblin squat demand. But that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile.

In fact, landmine squats/presses aren’t just the perfect introduction to the wider world of squatting; their usefulness goes way beyond that. This variation relies on anterior loading. In other words, it involves lifting the weight placed in front of us. This offers a safer, lower impact squat variation that will improve balance, lower body strength, and improve muscle mass around the upper back, glutes and quads. (

How To Do It

With this exercise, it’s best to start it with the weight placed on a box or bench to easier get it to the front of your chest, especially if going heavy.

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and establish a stable base

  2. Lift the weight from the bench in front of you (or a box) into the starting position. Now position yourself in line with the bar, with both hands gripping the barbell, hands interlocked and the heels of the palms under the bar. Place the end of the barbell at chest height. I allow the back of my thumbs to rest high on my chest and don’t allow movement as I squat. Make sure to keep your elbows tucked in.

  3. Inhale and brace your core, grip and body

  4. Break at the hips and descend slowly. This means you’ll need to allow space for yourself (feet back with body at a slight angle). After a few reps, you will feel the point where your stance feels most stable, with the hips going backwards.

  5. Go lower than parallel at the bottom of the squat. You will feel yourself sink deep into the hips, so allow this motion as much as possible as it helps to unbind tight hip tissues.

  6. Pause for a second then explode upwards. Extend your knees and drive your hips forward.

  7. When at the top, drive the weight upwards with your arms to extended position.

  8. Exhale at the top

  9. Reset the movement and repeat for the pre-determined number of reps

landmine squat muscles worked image

What Muscles Are Worked?

The Landmine Squat tests, challenges and improves the following muscles:

  • Hamstrings

  • Glutes

  • Quads

  • Rectus Abdominus

  • Obliques

  • Scapular Stabilizers

  • Trapezius

  • Deltoids

Of these muscles, this Squat variation primarily targets the quads, upper back and glutes. (


Are landmine squats harder than back squats?

No. This type of Squat has one end of the load resting on the ground. This means you aren’t shifting the same amount of weight. An 80kg Landmine Squat is less than an 80kg Back Squat.

Are landmine squats more effective than back squats?

No. They do teach the squat pattern and movement. However, they are not a complete substitution. If you can back squat you should, and you will get more benefit. When you understand the intricacies and benefits of the landmine squat then you can program it in effectively with your other exercises.

Landmine Squats are great for anyone with an injury that might otherwise prevent them from performing the full front or back squat.

Will landmine squats build muscle?

Yes. This type of squat will build muscle when performed and programmed correctly.

Source: (

Will landmine squat/presses build strength?

You can load the landmine with a decent amount of weight so it’s a sure-fire way to build strength. Just as regular squats, this exercise will have strength and muscular hypertrophy benefits, especially for the muscles in your lower body.

Not only are there benefits of the landmine squat for building muscle and gaining strength, but they also have transferable benefits for other exercises. Building your strength with the landmine squat will allow you to lift more for the likes of back squats and deadlifts, which will result in further strength and hypertrophy gains. That means that this exercise is a good way to get stronger!

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This exercise can be a tricky exercise to master but once you get it, the benefits are endless. Now practice and prosper!