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** Important Update (July 2023) - I have written on health topics for years, and recently I have noticed that my eyes are getting extremely irritated from computer use. I have come to the conclusion that it is necessary for me to retire from heavy computer research and spare my eye health. As such, I am now officially retired from health writing.

I will leave this blog up so that you can access all articles for free. Enjoy!

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My name is Jorg Mardian and I am a Personal Fitness Trainer (CPT) and Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) with 20 years of experience. I have previously owned a successful training studio and as a freelance journalist, I regularly contribute writing to newspapers, magazines or blogs.

You’ve probably noticed that much of the health information available today is biased, confusing or unhelpful.

StrongHealth will give you the truth about fitness, nutrition, weight loss, pain therapy and more, so you don't have to suffer the consequences.

Here’s what people are saying about the information you’ll receive in this fitness/nutrition newsletter:

  • “Jorg thoroughly explains the in’s and out’s of fitness and nutrition. I've now lost 90 pounds and am healthy and happy.” - Dede Emery, Cawston, BC.

  • “Jorg’s enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle is infectious.” - Jerralyn D. Alfonso, Penticton, BC.

  • “Thanks to Jorg’s insightful approach to health, my son has lost 45 pounds.” - David J Lee, Oliver, BC

  • “I have worked out in Vancouver, BC with some of the best trainers available and you either match or exceed them. That's why I consult you so often” - Sandy Carlyle, Vancouver, BC.

  • “Jorg is a thorough fitness professional. I finally lost weight and got healthy when I thought it was no longer possible!” - Bill Freding, Oliver, BC.

  • “Jorg knowledge of fitness and nutrition motivates, inspires and draws out the very best in people. I highly recommend his services.” - Mary Deak, Oliver, BC.

I’ll be honest, Google is becoming a medical site and most of your health information is now severely biased and compromised. If a few more people choose to become paid subscribers, StrongHealth could expose more truth and root out Google misinformation, to get you healthy.

Why I moved to Substack

Censorship has increased across all areas of the internet, including most popular blogging platforms, where there is always a concern of being de-platformed if something is perceived as not being politically correct. Here on Substack, I post timely articles without conflicts of interest and share deep truths about fitness and nutrition.

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